Offensive Cyber Security Techniques (Ethical Hacker)

Offensive and Defensive Security for the professionals (Penetration Testing, OWASP, OSSINT, Scripting-programming in more detail)

    76 Students enrolled


  • Individuals who have the fundamental IT Systems, Operating Systems, Networking, It Security, Scripting, Programming, and database knowledge. Because the deep-dive activity will exist in the module applicant should have the fundamental background for the IT Systems. You should have at least one year of cybersecurity experience.


This Training module aims for the training of individuals who want to specialise in Offensive and Defensive Security -Ethical Hacking. Upon completion of this module of training, you will be able to know the defensive and offensive measures of cybersecurity and work as an ethical hacker to protect the valuable assets of the entities and organisations, whereas to discover and compromise the criminal activity in the systems.


Last Updated 18th September 2021
  • 76

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Meet your instructor

Meet your instructor

Highly-motivated Tech Entrepreneur coming from the youngest country in EU with potential in Tech&Innovation. Holding Master degree on Computer Science, used to work as Security Engineer for Law Enforcement Agencies for almost a decade. Well-known as community builder and motivating hackers becoming ethical.

Hard dealing tasks, new challenges and out of box are what he love most.

* Helped Government of Kosovo, private businesses up to citizens on cyber issues and security awareness. 
* Co-Founded 'Cyber Security and Privacy', 'Privacy in Digital Age', 'DARTS Security', 'FINDBUG' and 'THE DAY WHEN HACKING IS LEGAL' and 'HACK to L|EARN and PROTECT' 
* Conferences he hosted were ranked as TOP 5 cyber conferences must be attended in Europe/ EC-Council. 
* Identified and guided hundreds of illy motivated hackers to ethical ones.
* Leaded and contributed in several Cyber Security and Privacy projects to enhance cyber security in western Balkan countries.
*Presented on international conferences in USA and EU about the innovation he brings through connecting ethical hackers over 20 countries to help smart companies uncover their security vulnerabilities.